Timeless Bathroom Design

If your bathroom needs an upgrade but you’re not sure how to start designing it, you can’t go wrong with a timeless, classic aesthetic. Here are a few tips to create a beautiful and functional bathroom that will age gracefully.

  1. Get comfortable with neutral colors. They translate over decades and give you a starting point to add pops of personality with accent pieces. Cabinet handles, rugs, and light fixtures make your bathroom special without dating it. When looking for a color palette, start with grays, whites, or tame blues.
  2. Put some thought into your bathtub. A freestanding tub is a trendy/ timeless element you’ll enjoy for its look and love for its function. The styles are endless.
  3. Choose a mirror with clean lines. They add the illusion of more space and age well. Stay away from the decorative mirrors with angles less or more than 90 degrees.
  4. Keeping with your color palette, choose a paint color that relaxes you. A bathroom is a place where you go to refresh and rejuvenate. It might help to browse Pinterest to find those colors that give you instant relief.
  5. Chrome hardware is your best bet to stay timeless. It’s quick and cheap to overhaul and gives your bathroom a warm welcome to the 21st century. The light fixture is your bathroom’s chance to shine! Find something that speaks to your personal style – don’t be afraid to get funky here.

When designing your bathroom, you are your own best designer. It might take some time, but you’re able to give it your touch of style you will ultimately find the most pleasure in. Keep it neutral, bring out a few pops of personality, and you’ll have a bathroom worthy of living in or ready to sell. Enjoy the process!

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